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Xiaomi MiTu - konstruktorius vaikams - dykumų lenktyninis automobilis, 490 dalių, 4 nepriklausomų dalių pakaba, su vairavimo mechanizmu ir stūmokliais, 6+ metų vaikams, iš Čekijos sandėlio

44.36€ -38%

Puiki kaina. Siuntimas iš Čekijos sandėlio be papildomų mokesčių ar išlaidų. 

Pristatymas per 2-14 darbo dienų, išsiuntimas per 4 darbo dienas.


Kaina su nuolaidos kodu - BLACKFRIDAYDH8OFF - nuolaida 7.23€.



Lego atmaina iš Xiaomi.


*This product is not a motorized product and cannot be driven by itself. Please consider this before you buy.


*Magic blocks for kids' imagination *Safe material *Cylinder piston linkage system *Ackermann steering *Independent suspension shockproof, smoother driving *Simulated differential structure *Non-slip wear-resistant tires, good grip performance *Sporty body design with big tail makes the desert racing look even more cool.


Main material: ABS, PC Product net weight: 525g Packing size: 322*245*60mm Product Certification: CCC Certification

Xiaomi Mitu Building Blocks, Desert Racing Car

490+ classic parts | Cylinder piston linkage system | 4 independent suspension shockproof | Cool stickers | Multiple mechanical transmission structures

Cylinder piston linkage system

Built-in simulation engine unit. while the desert racing car moving, the assembled cylinder piston will also move, simulating the internal structure of the real engine.

Independent suspension shockproof, smoother driving

Simulating the suspension system of the real car, the imitation of four independent suspension design, can fully absorb the vibration of the bumpy road. And each wheel can move independently, improving the stability of the car.

Simulated differential structure

The desert racing car has a built-in differential structure similar to that of a real-car transmission, allowing each drive wheel of the vehicle to rotate at different speeds.

Ackermann steering

Solve the problem that the left and right steering angles are different due to the different steering radii of the left and right wheels when the car is turning.

Sporty body design with big tail makes the desert racing look even more cool.

Non-slip wear-resistant tires, good grip performance

Safe Material

Made of safe materials and perfect fit, all parts pass CCC certification. it is designed for children aged 6+ years old.

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