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Xiaomi Oclean W10 - burnos irigatorius, 4 antgaliai, 5 režimai, 1400 pulsų per minutę, 200ml vandens talpa, zonų priminimas, IPX7 atsparumas vandeniui, įkraunamas per USB Type-C jungtį, 30 dienų laikanti baterija, žalios spalvos, iš Lenkijos sandėlio

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Labai gera kaina. Puikiai vertinamas burnos irigatorius. 


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Kaina su nuolaidos kodu - OWTIT800 - nuolaida -10.60€.


Product Specification




Oclean W10 Water Flosser/Oral Irrigator


Lemon Green/Peachy Pink

Power Input Port

Type-C Input

Pulsating Frequency

1400 Pulses per Min


Pulse Technique

Pressure Range

20-90 Psi

Battery Capacity


Power Input

5V 1A/5W

Flossing Mode

5 Distinctive Modes(Intensive, Standard, Pulsating, Gentle and On-Demand mode)

Reservoir Capacity


Smart Timer

Yes, Different Modes Vary


15-sec Oral Zone Switch Reminder

Battery Life

30-Day on Puslating Mode

Charging Duration

Less Than 5-Hour

Waterproof Grade



4 High Performance Tips(Standard, Orthodontics, Periodontal Pocket and Tongue Scraper)

Memory Mode

Yes, Resume to Previous Setting

Package Includes

Charging Cable*1

Oclean W10 Water Flosser/Oral Irrigator Handle*1

High Performance Tips*4

User Manual*1



Product Features
Aesthetic & Delicate Design
Fresh colors(Lemon Green and Peachy Pink) to freshen up oral situations, compact & sleek structure with hand strap design combine practicability and beauty, detachable & concealed reservoir design to maximize its functionality while maintaining the overall style consistence. Dual-button control(Power & Mode-switching buttons) enables truly ease of use.
Ultra Clean Efficiency
The Oclean W10 water flosser adopts a maglev brushless motor to deliver up to 1400 pulses per minute frequency to achieve thorough oral cleaning efficiency with 0.6mm powerful water stream to combat any food debris or plaque in between teeth and along gum-line. Just a one-minute water flossing session after a meal or before an important appointment would boost confidence and freshen up your beautiful smile.
5 Distinctive Flossing Modes & 4 High-performance Tips
The Oclean W10 Water Flosser/Oral Irrigator features 5 distinctive flossing modes and 4 high-performance tips. Up to 20 combinations for you to personalize any oral care preference and needs.
Long battery life & Smart Timer & 15s quadpacer
Always on the move? We’ve got your back, battery life lasts up to 4+ weeks between charges, and it also comes with an accessible USB Type-C input. Smart timer, 15s zone switch reminder for a well-organized oral care experience.
Product Description

1.Pulse Technique  2."Sleek Design(Portable Strap Handle)"   3."5 Distinctive Floss Modes"
  4."4 Nozzles Meet Any Needs"   5."IPX7  Waterproof Rating"  6."30 Days Battery Life"
Optimized Dental Care Experience
Deep Clean Hard-to-Reach Areas
Toothbrush Accessible Surfaces
Tight Interdental Spaces
1400 pulses per minute 0.6 mm powerful waterjet,Thorough Clean Assured ,Pulse Technique & Maglev Motor,
Efficiently Remove Food Debris and Dental Plaque between teeth
5 Distinctive Floss Modes 4 New High-Performance Nozzles At Your Disposal
Invisible design to optimize the user's experience
200ml:The Exact Amount for Precise CareDetachable:Meet Regular Clean Need
See-through:Easily Check Remaining Water
Timer, Zone Switch Reminder Smart Dental Care
15s Zone Switch Reminder, Smart TimerEnjoy a Well-organized Oral Care Experience
Battery Lasts up to 4 Plus Weeks between Charges,Comes with an Accessible USB Type-C Input
IPX7 Waterproof
Water Rinse and Shower-Ready Guaranteed
Silicone rubber Hand Strap
Portable / Stain Resistant / Detachable
method of application
Step 1
Nozzle Select & Install
Press unlock button then insert nozzle for according need
Step 2
Water Refill
Open the lid for easy and accessible water refilling
Step 3
Mode Choose
5 modes customized for an even precise clean
Step 4
Oral Care
Aim at in between teeth then start
Step 5
Direct RinsingWaterproof enables direct water washing,
and sharklet design ensures easy cloth dry out
Step 6
Install & Detach
Aligns with Hand StrapPerfect match for perfect oral care experience
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