Dėmesio! Pasiūlymas sukurtas prieš 4mėn. 4val. 40min. - geriausi pasiūlymai trunka kelias dienas, kartais - valandas, "nerealieji" pasiūlymai iššluojami per kelias minutes! Didelė tikimybė, jog pasiūlymo kaina jau neatitinka nurodytos, kuponas nebegalioja ar nebeegzistuoja.
prieš 4mėn. 4val. 40min.

Little White Rocket - Relax & calm down in space - laikinai nemokamas Android žaidimas (Google Playstore)


Laikinai nemokamas Android žaidimas. Paprastai kainuoja 2.29€. O ką daugiau veikti 😁👑




Little White Rocket has been awarded the “App of The Day” by MyAppFree ( https://app.myappfree.com/). It will be free to download from 24 May 2021 to 26 May 2021! Get MyAppFree to discover more offers and sales!

⭐ "A beautiful and simple game. This game will surely help you to relax"
- PhoneDog

⭐ "You are going to love the gameplay experience which will calm you down at the same time. We rate it 10/10."
- TheAppleGoogle

⭐ "I very much like its minimalist aesthetic and calming atmosphere."
- AppSpy

⭐ "A one-touch controlled game that's designed to be atmospheric and relaxing"
- Pocket Gamer

⭐ "Top 10 Android Apps of December 2019!"
- PhoneDog

Little White Rocket is an atmospheric and minimalistic one touch game set in a beautiful and mysterious world. In this relaxing and calming game, you set off in search of home, travelling through a calming adventure with easy-going puzzles together with narrated poems.

The Spin - Aim - Fly game control is easy to learn and gives a meditative experience. The game is designed to be played and completed in the little spaces and dreams that fall into each day. Enjoy the stillness and quiet of Little White Rocket's adventures and reach the end before you sleep.

★ Unique, meditative and easy to learn game control
★ Atmospheric music
★ Calming art theme
★ Narrated and visualised poems
★ Poems written by award-winning poet Laurence O'Dwyer
★ No ads
★ No in-app purchases
★ 100% relaxing and calming game experience

Why making Little White Rocket

"For a long time I felt that I was just running through life. From one thing to another. Life was very busy. I had the urge to unwind more often but the games I played only made me more stressed and frustrated. Most game out there are driven by fast progression, fast action and a lot of dying. Playing that sort of games doesn't help me getting calm and relaxed.

I’ve made this game that can help me calm down and relax. Little White Rocket is not frustrating and I can't die in the game. I know a lot of people are stressed and even suffer from anxiety and difficulty concentrating. With Little White Rocket I can make a difference. If I can help people unwind and even for a short while forget about the daily stress or their anxiety, I'm happy!" - Developer Magnus Malte Olsson - Macalaus

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