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INMOTION SCV L9 (2020) - naujasis elektrinis sulenkiamas paspirtukas, 500W (iki 1000W) variklis, 30km/h max greitis, 675Wh 54V baterija nuvežanti net iki 95km, priekinis amortizatorius, iki 140kg vairuotojui, IPX7 atsparumas drėgmei, storos 10 x 1.9" padangos, iš Lenkijos sandėlio

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Presale 2020 Original INMOTION L9 Smart Electric Scooter Foldable KickScooter 1000W 95KM Range Dual Brake Skateboard With APP


INMOTION L9  -  Cruise in Style

Tired of the same old commute? Has finding a parking space, sitting in traffic, and worrying about gas prices started to bore you? Cities are made to be explored. But cars are inconvenient, and bicycles can leave you sweaty and exhausted. Enter the INMOTION L9, an all-new way to explore your city. With an unrivaled range, a lightning-fast Dash charger, and a smooth and comfortable ride, the L9 will help you see a whole new side of your city, and redefine your daily commute. Whether going to work, zipping around the neighborhood, or heading out to explore your town, the L9 will let you relate to your city in a whole new way. It`s safe, durable, easy to use, and best of all? It`s a blast to ride!


Product Parameter

Product  :  INMOTION L9

Appropriate age : More than 14 years old

Max. speed : 18.6mph / 30km/h

Net Weight : 24kg

Max. mileage : Up to 95km

Battery : 675Wh

Tire size : 10 * 1.9 inch

Max. Slope : Up to 30°

Max driver weight : 140kg

Water resistance : IPX7

Riding modes : ECO/D/S  Economy/Sports/ Standard Mode

Max.charging time : 7.2h (Single charger) / 3.6h (Dual charger)

Expansion Dimensions : 1307*520*1275mm

Folding Dimensions : 1307*520*560mm



Most Competitive Mile Range

Need to head out into the city, but worried about sharing space on an Uber or public transportation? Not sure how far you`ll need to go? Don`t sweat it. With the L9, you`ll never need to worry about getting where you`re going or getting back home. That`s because the L9 boasts batteries with truly massive capacity, supplying an unbeatable range of up to 59 miles/ 95km between charges. That means the whole city is in your cruising range, and you`ll never need to worry about how you`re getting back.


Intelligent Dashboard with Ambient Lights

Eco Mode   10mphStandard Mode   14.91mphSports Mode   18.64mph


Battery Capacity

The size and safety of the L9 battery is second to none. Featuring a Smart Battery Protective System (BPS), that protects you from anything: over-discharge, short-circuits, and overcharge, all while providing battery equalization and temperature protection. Stay safe while you cruise in style.


Exceptional Speed

It also supplies an exceptional top speed of 18.6 mph (30 km/h), enough to let you whiz through town rapidly. We also offer a German-standard version of the L9, with a top speed of 12.5 mph (20 km/hr), in case you need it.


The Dual Braking System

Whether you are an experienced rider or a brand-new beginner, you`ll never need to worry about safety with the L9. It features both a traditional disc brake and electronic dual braking system (EBS), providing a shorter braking distance and more stable braking experience, as well as providing regenerative braking for recycling power when you slow down . The L9's EBS system offers the best in class responsiveness, stability and steerability- resulting in the best in class road safety.


Anti-slip Rubber Deck Design

The no-slip deck is rubber-coated, for increased friction and riding safety, and is only 76mm high ensuring the most stable center of gravity possible. This will help you keep a stable position even during tight turns or quick stops. The L9 also features a wide, 7"/18 cm deck to provide you with comfort and control while you cruise. With space for both feet, this deck is perfect for longer trips.


Smooth Ride

The INMOTION L9 isn`t just about peak performance, it`s also about providing a fun, comfortable way to experience your city. It's been custom-engineered to provide a smooth ride from the ground up, starting with 10" tires featuring a unique shark fin tire pattern. This large tire size and the tire pattern work together to provide a silky smooth ride and great traction on even tough terrain. Then, our unique front- and rear-spring shock absorption system provides you with unprecedented comfort and stability, even over rough surfaces or speed bumps. On any kind of road, in any conditions, you`ll glide right over trouble with speed and style.The L9 also features a wide, 7"/18 cm deck to provide you with comfort and control while you cruise. With space for both feet, this deck is perfect for longer trips.  


Strong Slope Climbing

Navigating the city by bike can be exhausting, especially in hilly terrain. Instead of sweating your way around, let the L9 take you anywhere with ease. The L9`s impressive motor far outstrips the competition, with a max rating of 1000W. This impressive power provides plenty of torque-on-demand, helping you conquer any terrain you come across, even up to 30% grade slopes. From San Francisco to Shanghai, with the L9 you can cruise anywhere.


Automatic Turning Light

The L9 comes equipped with an intelligent turning sensor and automatic turning lights. Built-in gyroscopes help the L9 know when and how you`re turning, so it can hit the red and blue automatic turning lights. When riding at night you`ll not just see better and be seen better, you`ll also look great- enhance your safety with style !


Fast Charge

Charging your L9 from zero to full capacity takes less than 7.2 hours, and with 59 miles/95 km between charges, you can probably recharge as little as once a week. But what if you`re in a hurry? No problem, since the Dash Charger add-on allows you to cut recharge times in half. In just 3.6 hours you can fully charge your batteries, enough to take you another 95 km. Go anywhere in town, anytime you need, with the L9.


It folds up in 2s

Want to mix and match your travel solutions? Combined commuting is a great way to save time. All the convenience of a train or subway, with unbeatable speed to cover the last mile. And thanks to its foldable, portable design, the L9 is the perfect combined commute machine. When you need to get around quick, just fold the L9 up and store it wherever you need- just 49 inches by 21 inches, and it weighs less than 44 lbs/24 kg! When you`re ready to roll, just unfold it and start it up in under 2 seconds. Anywhere you need to take it, the L9 will have your back when it`s time to cruise in style.


Intuitive and Easy


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