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Lelit PL41EM Anna - pusiau profesionalus kompaktiškas espreso kavos aparatas, 57mm filtras, 2.7L vandens talpa, 1000W galia, slėgis 15BAR, karštų garų antgalis/rankenėlė (tinka ir Cappuccino, Latte ir kt. gaminimui), iš Vokietijos sandėlio

499€ -34%
293.81€ + 33.06€

Labai gera kaina už puikų pusiau profesionalų espreso kavos aparatą.

Pristatymas per 3-5 darbo dienas iš Vokietijos, be jokių mokesčių ar kitų išlaidų tiesiai į namus.


Aparato svoris - apie 10kg, siunčiant per tarpininkus, siuntimo kainą galima sumažinti iki 15-16€, viso už prekę gautųsi apie 310€.


Lietuvoje šiuo metu 599€ 😮



About this item

  • ONLY FOR COFFEE LOVERS - Lelit PL41EM has been designed and produced for the true coffee lovers, ideal for those who like to make espresso coffee, gound at home and then enjoy it directly in the cup as in the bar
  • ESPRESSO COFFEE AND CAPPUCCINO AS IN THE BAR- thanks to the professional group, the steam and hot water wand, Lelit PL41EM allows you to extract perfect espresso coffee, froth the milk to get fantastic cappuccinos, have hot water for American coffees, teas and herbal teas
  • PROFESSIONAL GROUP - the professional assembled on the Lelit PL41EM guarantees a constant temperature throughout the entire dispensing process, for perfect extraction
  • BUILTED IN STAINLESS STEEL - buit entirely of stainless steel, an indestructible material that ensures that the machine lasts a long time
  • ENTIRELY MADE in ITALY - all Lelit machines are entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, using professional bar technology and components
  • TECHNICAL FEATURES – Coffee delivery manometer

Product Description

Espresso coffee machine with stainless steel body, 250 ml brass boiler perfect for those who approach the world of semi-professional. With the steam/water wand you can prepare cappuccinos and have hot water for your American coffee, tea or herbal tea. Ideal for small families who make moderate use of coffee. The machine can be used either with powdered coffee (1 or 2 cups) or with paper pods. For an optimal result we suggest to accompany the machine to a coffee grinder.

Product features:
Brass boiler 250 ml
Oval chromed switches
Stainless steel water tray grate
Lateral visibility of the water level in the tank
Steam/water wand
3 way solenoid valve to dry up the coffee puck
Manometer for coffee pressure
Stainless steel body and cup warmer top
57 mm filter holder

The package contains:
Single cup filter
Double cup filter
Pod Filter
Plastic press

Box Contains

Filter holder
Single cup filter
double cup filter
35L Water Filter
Plastic Tamper


From the manufacturer


Our Lelit coffee machines

All Lelit coffee machines have been designed to recreate the optimum temperature and water pressure conditions to ensure exceptional coffee. The goal is to satisfy the coffee lovers who are looking for the best performance from their machine and that want an object to admire even when it is turned off.

50s Line

It’s a line inspired to the 50s, when many icons of modern design were born: Vespa, Fiat 500, Lettera 22 – the Olivetti typewriter.

The clean silhouettes, the extensive use of stainsless steel, the minimalist design driven by fuctionality in every detail make Lelit espresso machines pieces of the Italian style.

  anna anna Anna anita anita anita
  Anna PL41TEM Anna PL41LEM Anna PL41EM Anita PL042TEMD Anita PL042EMI Anita PL042EM
Stainless steel appliance body
Cup warmer
Built-in grinder - - -
Tank water level visible from the side
Multidirectional steam/water wand - -
Steam/water wand - - - -
PID boiler controller for coffee and steam temperature - - - -
Type of switches Lever Lever Oval chromed Lever Round stainless steel Oval chromed
Stainless steel water tray cover - - - - -
Filterholder 57mm 57mm 57mm 57mm 57mm 57mm
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