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Xiaomi Mjia Simpleway - automatinis muilo dozatorius, 300ml talpa, bekontaktis, su infraraudonųjų spindulių jutikliu, su prausikliu ir 2 x AA baterijomis, iš Lenkijos

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Basic parameters

Product name: Simpleway Auto Foaming Hand Washer Citrus YellowProduct model: ZDXSJ02XWNet weight: 540g (including hand sanitizer, battery)Main material: PolypropyleneBattery type: AA battery or UM-3Use range: hand cleaning (clean in time after use)Net content: 300mlShelf life: 3 years


Due to transportation restrictions, batteries are not included in the hand wash, please understand, thank you~

Simpleway Auto Foaming Hand Washer

Infrared Sensor | Rich Foam | Multi Humectants

Touch-free, worry-free, healthier

Built-in infrared sensor dispense rich foam instantly, it is the best way to avoid germs cross-infection.

Troubles with traditional liquid pump

1.  Prone to germs cross-infection.2. Pump pressing is troublesome.3. Empty bottle falls easily.

5 Reasons  of Must-Have

A revolutionary way to wash hands

1. More Hygienic

This touch-free handwashing, leaving no smudges on the dispenser, is the best way to avoid germs cross-infection.

2. More Convenient

Just stretch your hand into the sensor area, the rich foam will be dispensed within 0.25 seconds. This rich and creamy foam, as soft as cloud, makes you love the feeling of handwashing.

3. More Effective

Simpleway Amino Acid Foaming Hand WashIts creamy foam, enriched with multi-humectants, infused with lily of the valley, neroli and refreshed citrus, leaves your skin clean, soft and smooth.

4. More Stylish

High quality, elegant designIt's the simple way to quality life.

5. More Economical

300ml per bottle, enabling 440 times of usage, can serve the whole family for 55 days. 3 batteries of AA batteries will last 8 months in standby mode.

Packing list

Automatic Soap Dispenser x 1Foaming Hand Wash x 1User Manual x 1

Installation instructions

1. Open the battery cover.2. Correctly align the batteries with the positive and negative symbols (+/-) when installing them.3. Unscrew the hand soap cover counterclockwise, and remove the silicon plug.4. Align the hand soap with the bottom of the dispenser and gently turn it counterclockwise, until it is secured.

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