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Xiaomi Youpin Petoneer FSL020 - automatinis vandens gėrimo fontanas naminiams gyvūnams, 1.9L talpa, integruotas vandens filtras apsaugantis gyvūnus nuo bakterijų, judantis vanduo, lengvai valoma viršutinė dalis, priminimai, maitinimas per USB

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Petoneer FSL020 1.9L Automatic Pet Water Fountain Dog Cat Pet Product Mute Drinker Pet Hydration Drinking Dispenser From Xiaomi Youpin

- Inspired By Nature, Starting With Drinking "Live Water"
Eliminate the way of drinking water backwards, use technology to find natural nature, provide natural fresh water source 24 hours a day, and let every bit of love drink be clean.

- Small Size And Large Capacity, Let Pets Drink Quickly
Under the compact and simple appearance, there is ample capacity hidden; the water storage bucket can hold up to 1L of water, which can satisfy cats and small and medium- sized dogs for many days of drinking, even if the shovel officer travels briefly and travels without worry.

- Simple Button Design Operation Is Simple
Only one button is attached to the back of the main unit to discard the extra control switch.Click the button to turn the indicator on or off, and press and hold to reset the filter life. The function of the buttons is streamlined, So that every family member can get started quickly.

- Intelligent Water Level Sensing,Anti-Dry Protection
Automatically monitor the water level of the storage bucket, the low water level automatically stops working, and the red light flashes at the same time, so you can add water to prevent equipment failure caused by water shortage, and use it safer and safer.

Specification :

Brand Petoneer (XIAOMI Cooperation Brand)
Model FSL020
Material  ABS
Color  White
Weight  750g
Size  180 x 175 x 147mm
Voltage DC 5V / 1A
Capacity 1.9L

Package Includes :

1 x Automatic Pet Drinking Dispenser

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