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Dėmesio! Pasiūlymas sukurtas prieš 1mėn. 5d. 16val. - geriausi pasiūlymai trunka kelias dienas, kartais - valandas, "nerealieji" pasiūlymai iššluojami per kelias minutes! Didelė tikimybė, jog pasiūlymo kaina jau neatitinka nurodytos, kuponas nebegalioja ar nebeegzistuoja.
prieš 1mėn. 5d. 16val.

Segway Ninebot MAX G30LP - naujasis (2020) elektrinis sulenkiamas paspirtukas, 350W variklis, 30km/h max greitis, baterija nuvežanti iki 40km, sunkiai praduriamos pneumatinės padangos, IPX5 atsparumas vandeniui, iš Lenkijos sandėlio

445.67€ 499€ -11%
441.22€ + 4.45€

Naujasis (2020 metų) Segway Ninebot MAX G30LP elektrinis paspirtukas iš EU (Lenkijos) sandėlio su DPD kurjeriu tiesiai į namus be papildomų išlaidų ar muitinės mokesčių.


Pristatymas per 3-7 darbo dienas, išsiuntimas per 4 darbo dienas.


Kaina su nuolaidos kodu - DHALERABAT30OFF - nuolaida 30$ (25.8€).



2020 New Original Ninebot Max G30LP Electric Kickscooter Smart Foldable Kickscooter Foldable Skateboard 30km/h 40km 10inch wheel




About Shipping:

Because the Electric Scooter include huge capacity battery, the shipping is not like the non-battery product.The Shipping Progress:

1.we will ship the goods to Poland by air which is only for battery product(step 1: UPS only show lable Created in website )

2.we will finish the custom clearance and pay tax to European (step 2: UPS only show lable Created in website )

3.we finished the custom tax, and then the Poland Local UPS will pick it up from the custom warehouse(step 3: UPS update the Pick Up information)

4.the UPS will take about 3 days to your house.

About the Tax: will be prepaid by us To European Union, USA ,RUSSIA and Canada

2.when you receive the package, you will not need to pay any tax.

3.package to Norway and Switzerland will have small tax.

4.package to norway, we can only ship the place where the postal code is 0***,1***,2*** or 3****Thanks for your attention.

Product Parameter

Product : KickScooter

Appropriate Age: More than 14 years old

Max. Speed: 30km/h

Net Weight: 17.5kg

Max. Mileage: Up to 40km

Dimension Unfolded : 1109 x 472 x 1146(mm)

Folded : 1109 x 472 x 534(mm)

Battery : 367Wh  

Info display: Full colored info dashboard display

Brake: Electronic&Regenarative brake (back)and drum brake (front)

Lights: Front & Rear&Brake light & Side/Rear reflectors

Brake lights rear: Yes(Flashing)

Tire size: 25.4cm/10inch

Max. Climb angle: Up to 20°

Max driver weight: 100kg

Water resistance: IPX5

Power output: 350W

Folding mechanism: Easy folding(Require hands)

Bell: Integrated(twist)

Riding modes: 3(Eco,Drive,Sport)from the vehicle ; 1Pedestrian Mode

Max.charging time:6.5hours Box dimensions: 120.2 x 22.2 x 60.5(cm)




The new KickScooter offers you the best solution for comfort riding and long-distance commuting.No more worries about the battery, the KickScooter is equipped with a super Long-Range Battery Pack, including two optional charging solutions, to a maximum range of approximately 40km. Therefore, the KickScooter offers the greatest range and distance travelled on the market and allows you to expand your exploration radius at a top speed of up to 30km/h.In addition, not only the 10 Inch tubeless pneumatic tyre will provide you pleasant rides, but you will also experience less maintenance: the single tube is provided with an additional jelly layer to the tyre for low puncture risk.Among the other improvements on the Kickscooter, a revolutionary upgrade to the propulsion power, which will make you enjoy greater freedom and convenience when you cruise around on your MAX.  Finally, we have taken into consideration the environmental element, which during your ride, the eco-friendly energy recovery system makes sure no power goes to waste, while the Smart Battery Management System closely monitors battery performance. We have taken great care of the smallest details, so that your traveling comfort and safety can be guaranteed.

Fingertip control

Lock your vehicle with the anti-theft function Manage speed limit and cruise control settings Get diagnostics about the vehicle conditionDownload the latest FirmwareLearn how to ride your vehicleFind friends nearby and join the competition

LED Digital Dashboard

LED display light above the vehicle can display remaining battery capacity and driving speed.



Shows driving speed , Bluetooth connection , error codes , riding mode and battery level.

Three riding modes , Switch at will

Energy saving mode(ECO)Standard mode(D)Sport mode(S)Simply tap the switch twice to complete the switch, and easily handle different riding environments.

Vacuum Tire

New upgraded vacuum tire prevent itself from puncture.Provide better shock absorption and well adapt to complex road conditions.It will not leak even though  it is nailed.Tires are more durable.It will be safer for riders to ride.

Fast Charge Design

In terms of charging, adhering to the minimalist design.Put the transformer into the body.Only "one wire" for charging.Not only elegant, but also light and portable.Support 3A fast charge, 6 hours is full.



Intelligent Battery Management System

Built-in 367Wh high security performance 18650 power lithium battery.High discharge and strong power supply, safe and durable performance.The smart battery management system can inform you of the health of the battery through the mobile APP, and promptly remind you if there is a problem.There are six smart protection.Short circuit protection.Overcurrent protection.Double overshoot protection.Double over discharge protection.Abnormal temperature protection.Undervoltage automatic sleep.

Climbing Ability

The new kickscooter is powerful, after pressing the throttle,you will feel its power.The stronger 350W brushless motor make the speed faster.The slope of the conquest is  higher.The max climb angle  is up to 20°.

Endurance is more Durable

The scooter is equipped with an energy recovery system. Pressing the brakes or releasing the throttle finger while driving will automatically activate the energy recovery system to convert some of the kinetic energy into electrical energy for storage and reuse. The energy recovery system enhances the user's experience of emergency braking while also helping to increase the vehicle's battery life.

Fast Folding in 3 Seconds

The body fold can be completed with one click and one button press. It can be easily placed in the trunk, safe and durable and not easy to shake.

Product Size


Product Show


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